Women’s Initiative
As a woman-owned business, Page 2 Communications is especially committed to supporting the success of women in law. We offer special business development coaching for women associates and partners, which can be purchased by firms for their high-potential women attorneys or by individual lawyers themselves.

Law firms’ and clients’ commitment to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession often comes from a place of “wanting to do the right thing,” but, in reality, women’s advancement into equity partner, practice group leader and managing partner roles is based on economics. If you have a strong book of business, you will succeed, whether by moving up the ranks within a firm or by launching your own.

Recent proposals to rethink the focus on billable hours and instead evaluate attorney performance with a "SMART (Solutions to Measure, Advance, and Reward Talent) Architecture" might someday catch on, redefining traditional metrics of attorney performance into eight categories, including billable and pro bono hours, business development, diversity, professional development and client satisfaction.

For now, though, the reality is that success is almost entirely economically driven.

There are plenty of programs and seminars and coaches that claim to help women achieve success and assume leadership roles in their law careers. Too often, though, these programs offer soft-skill training and tips on wardrobe or presentation skills with little focus on the one thing that really matters: how much client business you bring in.

Think about it: there are lots of male partners who have terrible “management skills,” dress badly and are, in many situations, just plain un-likeable. But no one questions their right to be a partner. Because they have a book of business. They are indispensable.

So, instead of focusing on changing your personality or your appearance or your mode of speaking, we work with you to use the strengths, talents and connections you already have to build your own indispensable book of business.

Our year-long coaching cycle begins with an analysis of your current practice then quickly moves to identifying practical, actionable steps to deepen current relationships and establish new ones.

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