Likable Enough?

July 29, 2016

Whatever else might be true about Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, she is a model of dogged persistence.  And, in that, her career is an object lesson in what it takes to advance in the legal profession.

An entire sub-industry of consultants and sales trainers claims to have determined the secret sauce of law firm success.  Their advice, all too often, sounds very much like the “insights” that pundits and talking heads offer up about Clinton: that she needs to be...

The Secret of the Accidental Entrepreneur

July 18, 2016

It might surprise you to learn that, as a child, I did not dream of growing up to run a successful legal PR firm. 

I wanted to be president of the United States, writer of the Great American Novel, editor of The New York Times and a card-carrying member of the ACLU.  Also: tall.  I really wanted to be tall.  In adulthood, I have achieved exactly one of those goals.  (Some hints: I am still short and not seeking elected office.)

Along the way, though, I...