We tell our clients all the time: You can’t figure out what to say unless you know who you are and why you do what you do.

At Page 2, we practice what we preach. Here’s what we value:

Integrity: We take pride in the quality of our work and the opportunity to support attorneys in theirs. Our processes and relationships are transparent, and we stay with problems until we solve them. Because we maintain ongoing relationships with our clients, we’re focused on delivering work that advances their long-term goals and priorities.

Innovation: We understand the history of our craft — we draw on this knowledge but are not bound to it. Our small size makes it easy for us to try unconventional approaches to communications challenges and find new ways to add value. We are flexible and constantly learning. Each of our engagements is uniquely tailored to work best for the client we’re serving.

Accountability: We understand our clients’ goals and help them find solutions to problems by being responsive and prepared to put our skills and experience to use. We establish expectations and then exceed them. Our founder maintains direct contact with firm leaders throughout our engagements so that we can be continually responsive to client feedback.

Equity and Inclusion: We are in this business because we believe the law is a noble profession and aspire to promote fair practices and create spaces that celebrate and value all voices. We help our clients understand how the issues of the day impact their business, and how to communicate effectively about their own values.

Client Confidentiality: We have a deep appreciation for the importance of client confidentiality and privilege. We closely follow all rulings regarding attorney-client privilege as it relates to public relations and trial publicity. Our work process protects privilege to the highest possible degree while still facilitating practical, flexible engagements that support of our clients’ goals.