AI Tools Your Marketing Team Should Learn More About

July 8, 2024
Kelly McNees

We’ve been keeping an eye out for lists like this one to identify AI tools that might actually be useful to law firm marketers in their work. Whether you’re looking for assistance writing articles and bios, drafting social posts or creating videos or podcasts, these tools may make the task easier:

  1. Perplexity: To fill in gaps in your writing or research, use Perplexity for tasks like looking up a statistic or finding a case study to cite. Perplexity fans praise it for searching faster than Google. Its targeted results include embedded footnotes that link directly to a sidebar of research sources. You can try a free version or upgrade to the pro version for longer responses with real-time information updates.
  2. Agora Pulse: A social media management platform, Agora Pulse can save time creating, posting and reporting results. It helps schedule posts across different sites and tracks performance with reporting capabilities to help you refine your strategy and bolster results. In addition, you can use its generative AI writing assistant to create engaging posts aligned with your firm’s brand and targeted to your audience. Agora Pulse has a free version with limited features and paid versions with more robust reporting tools integrated with Google Analytics and Canva.
  3. Descript: For video or podcast production support, check out Descript’s editing tools and transcription features. The editing tools enable you to delete filler words — or entire sections — as well as overdub and regenerate audio to tighten up awkward portions. Its Studio Sound feature can help enhance audio quality by removing background noise. You can also swap out video backgrounds and add captions. You can try it for free, with more recording hours and features available if you opt for a paid plan.
  4. Grammarly and Hemingway Editor Plus: These two AI tools aren’t new, but they’re useful resources for strengthening your writing. You can add the Grammarly plug-in to tools you already use, like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, to help flag errors and sentences to improve for clarity or tone. Free and pro plans are available. For an added boost, use Hemingway Editor Plus to review your writing and offer suggestions for creating more compelling content.

Try one — or all — of these tools to see how AI can strengthen your marketing content and free up your time.