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Unlock the Power of Owned Content

May 20, 2024

The “O” in the PESO model (the four types of media representing the full interconnected landscape of channels for distributing your firm’s messages) stands for “owned,” the content your firm creates and distributes itself. Building an effective media plan has to begin with creating great owned content because without it you cannot activate the three other media types (paid, social and earned).


BLUF Your Communications and Avoid TL;DR

October 23, 2023
Kelly McNees

Communicating clearly and concisely is especially important for law firm marketers trying to engage incredibly busy people. Getting the attention of lawyers, clients and our own colleagues — people managing multiple deadlines and putting out last-minute fires — requires cutting through the noise to connect. Applying the military acronym BLUF — “bottom line up...

Does Your Firm Have a Reputation Management Strategy?

August 28, 2023

To be effective, reputation management needs to be proactive, not just reactive. That means your law firm has to do more than just defend itself after being criticized online. Anticipating areas where you may be vulnerable and implementing systems to catch problems before they start will help you control the narrative about your organization. Without a strategy in place, your firm could unwittingly find itself struggling to manage a crisis that could have been...

Guidelines for Writing About Disability

July 24, 2023

Whether your firm is discussing policies and accommodations or communicating with clients, it’s important to use accurate and objective language to portray individuals with disabilities in a respectful way. Following these tips from the ADA National Network can help your firm foster a culture of inclusivity — internally and externally.

  1. When writing about...