Category: Best Practices

Is Your Firm Culture Inclusive Enough to Accommodate Ramadan?

February 20, 2024

The concept of “inclusion” often gets flattened into a shorthand for things like the language firms use around gender or sponsoring firm events that do not take place at country clubs — both very important considerations, by the way — but true inclusion means so much more. The time of year is a good time to revisit this striking

Will Large Firms Ever Crack the Code on Gender Equity?

November 27, 2023
Kelly McNees

A recent Financial Times piece highlighting the continued failure of large law firms to create sustainable paths to leadership for women has us shaking our heads. We have been following this issue for a long (long!) time, and it's frustrating to hear up-and-coming lawyers complaining about the same grueling working conditions and outdated performance metrics that foreclosed opportunities for lawyers from their mothers'...

Demystifying In-House Titles

October 2, 2023
Kelly McNees

Like it or not, we’re in a title-centric profession. And it can be confusing — especially when you’re new to the legal industry — to distinguish among the many possible titles for in-house lawyer positions.

For legal marketers and business development professionals who regularly reach out to in-house departments, it can be tough to know the difference between Senior Counsel, Managing Counsel, and Chief Legal Counsel, to name just a few....

How to Craft More Effective Client Alerts

September 25, 2023
Kelly McNees

Client alerts: Effective business development tool, or time-consuming project that delivers minimal value? As with most communication efforts, it depends — in this case, on how well you understand the purpose of alerts and what your audience needs and wants from them, and then how well your process produces alerts that meet those objectives. Based on some actual client alerts we’ve seen out in the wild lately, whoa nelly, is it time for a

Does Your Firm Have a Reputation Management Strategy?

August 28, 2023

To be effective, reputation management needs to be proactive, not just reactive. That means your law firm has to do more than just defend itself after being criticized online. Anticipating areas where you may be vulnerable and implementing systems to catch problems before they start will help you control the narrative about your organization. Without a strategy in place, your firm could unwittingly find itself struggling to manage a crisis that could have been...