Category: Firm Culture

Changing Small Habits to Maintain Your Energy

April 15, 2024
Kelly McNees

Leaders may be getting better about acknowledging that managing multiple deadlines and heavy workloads takes a toll on their employees’ wellbeing. But mitigating burnout requires more than increased awareness. Harvard Business Review recently emphasized the importance of taking early action to prevent burnout. The key is to not ignore the subtle signs —...

Is Your RTO Mandate Worth the Cost?

March 11, 2024

As we all now know, many law firms that embraced remote work during the pandemic and then made unsuccessful attempts to gently coax their employees back to in-person work are now instituting return-to-office (RTO) “mandates with teeth.”

Firm lawyers often find these mandates mystifying because...

Is Your Firm Culture Inclusive Enough to Accommodate Ramadan?

February 20, 2024

The concept of “inclusion” often gets flattened into a shorthand for things like the language firms use around gender or sponsoring firm events that do not take place at country clubs — both very important considerations, by the way — but true inclusion means so much more. The time of year is a good time to revisit this striking