Category: History and Holidays

Happy Pride!

June 3, 2024

How will your firm celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June? The history of the struggle for LGBTQ+ liberation is interwoven with the practice of law, and the greatest moments of progress throughout the past century have come as a result of advocacy both within and outside the legal system. Take a moment to revisit:

  • The 1924 founding of the United States' first chartered organization dedicated to gay rights by WWI army veteran Henry Gerber, whose home in Chicago's Old Town...

Expand Your Knowledge of the Arab American Experience

April 8, 2024
Kelly McNees

April is Arab American Heritage Month, an excellent opportunity to learn more about the histories and cultures encompassed in the Arab American story. The Arab American National Museum, the only museum dedicated to Arab American history, is located in Dearborn, Michigan, and the museum's website also offers a rich array of images and stories. "Coming to America," a video tour, walks...

Is Your Firm Culture Inclusive Enough to Accommodate Ramadan?

February 20, 2024

The concept of “inclusion” often gets flattened into a shorthand for things like the language firms use around gender or sponsoring firm events that do not take place at country clubs — both very important considerations, by the way — but true inclusion means so much more. The time of year is a good time to revisit this striking