Expand Your Knowledge of the Arab American Experience

April 8, 2024
Kelly McNees

April is Arab American Heritage Month, an excellent opportunity to learn more about the histories and cultures encompassed in the Arab American story.

The Arab American National Museum, the only museum dedicated to Arab American history, is located in Dearborn, Michigan, and the museum’s website also offers a rich array of images and stories. “Coming to America,” a video tour, walks visitors through the major waves of Arab immigration to the United States throughout the 20th century and beyond. The tour highlights figures such as Sara Abdallah, who immigrated from Syria in 1923, and Nagi¬†Daifullah, who immigrated from Yemen in the 1970s and worked in the California grape fields, organizing workers alongside Caesar Chavez. In the most recent waves, violence and war, along with poverty caused by a changing climate, are significant drivers of migration.¬†

The Arab American National Museum is an excellent resource for understanding more about this living history and the vibrant and valuable contributions of Arab Americans.