What Does “Executive Presence” Mean in 2024?

March 4, 2024

Expecting law firm leaders to demonstrate a strong “executive presence” isn’t new. What’s changing is the definition of executive presence — and the skills you need to demonstrate it.

Traditionally, leaders who exhibited executive presence were those with the hard-to-define quality of “gravitas.” (In practice, this word often was synonymous with “male.”) Solid communication skills as well as looking and dressing the...

Public Speaking for Introverts and Extroverts

February 26, 2024

Love it or hate it, public speaking is a need-to-have skill in the legal profession. Presenting at client events, CLE seminars, and industry conferences is key to effective business development and marketing. It’s a skill that comes easier to some — we’re looking at you, extroverts! — than others. (Don’t worry, introverts, we’re not looking at you!) But anyone can develop and master public speaking. First, a pro tip if you genuinely dislike public speaking: Untangle your social...

Is Your Firm Culture Inclusive Enough to Accommodate Ramadan?

February 20, 2024

The concept of “inclusion” often gets flattened into a shorthand for things like the language firms use around gender or sponsoring firm events that do not take place at country clubs — both very important considerations, by the way — but true inclusion means so much more. The time of year is a good time to revisit this striking

Mastering the Art of Effective Listening

February 12, 2024

Being a good listener may seem like a soft skill, but it’s actually critical to establishing strong business development and marketing strategies. You may think you have this skill down, but take stock: If your phone buzzes mid-conversation, can you ignore it without pausing to wonder who sent the text? During a long Teams call, can you resist the temptation to check your email? We are all overloaded and overwhelmed in a world filled with distractions, and we could all use a refresher on how...