Author: Kelly McNees

Changing Small Habits to Maintain Your Energy

April 15, 2024
Kelly McNees

Leaders may be getting better about acknowledging that managing multiple deadlines and heavy workloads takes a toll on their employees’ wellbeing. But mitigating burnout requires more than increased awareness. Harvard Business Review recently emphasized the importance of taking early action to prevent burnout. The key is to not ignore the subtle signs —...

Expand Your Knowledge of the Arab American Experience

April 8, 2024
Kelly McNees

April is Arab American Heritage Month, an excellent opportunity to learn more about the histories and cultures encompassed in the Arab American story. The Arab American National Museum, the only museum dedicated to Arab American history, is located in Dearborn, Michigan, and the museum's website also offers a rich array of images and stories. "Coming to America," a video tour, walks...

Deb Pickett moderating “Growth-Minded Communication” discussion at LMA on Friday, April 5

March 27, 2024
Kelly McNees

Why do some law firms enter new markets with a bang while others never quite make it into orbit? Legal marketing friends attending this year's LMA24 conference won't want to miss Debra Pickett moderating a discussion on growth-minded communication with the marketing directors behind some of the legal industry's...

Do You Know Why Your Clients Chose Your Firm?

March 25, 2024
Kelly McNees

Client feedback can help firms strengthen relationships, identify areas for growth, and spot potential problems and address them early. Yet even when firm leaders recognize the benefits of client-feedback programs, they’re usually not a priority.

Firm leaders may hesitate to implement a program given how time consuming it can be to...