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What Publications Do Your Prospects Read?

August 3, 2020

Where do your clients and prospects turn for trusted information on their industry? Which newsletters and trade journals do they receive? What commentary do they read?

We have been surprised to see how many attorneys struggle to answer these questions. Identifying the media diet of prospective clients produces important opportunities, such as:

Building common ground. Knowing which publications your prospects respect creates an opportunity for connection around...

How Legal Marketers Can Help Attorneys Do Thought Leadership Right

May 27, 2020

Attorneys can demonstrate “thought leadership” in many forms and forums, from interviews to panel discussions to well-crafted posts on social media. When they share insights informed by their experience and understanding of clients’ business challenges, attorneys can build their profile as a leading voice in their industry or practice.

The gold standard for thought leadership is securing an opportunity to publish a bylined article in a prominent and respected industry journal....