Category: Business Development

Attorneys Who Quit Become Prospects

November 20, 2023

A 2022 Leopard Solutions report shows — unsurprisingly — that women lawyers continue to leave Big Law for in-house jobs or positions with smaller firms. The reasons why are familiar: Essentially, the pressure at the largest firms to maximize billable hours incentivizes a type of work (crisis focused) and approach to work (reactive instead of proactive) that lead to unpredictable schedules and unsustainable demands. Firms that have failed to address...

Demystifying In-House Titles

October 2, 2023
Kelly McNees

Like it or not, we’re in a title-centric profession. And it can be confusing — especially when you’re new to the legal industry — to distinguish among the many possible titles for in-house lawyer positions.

For legal marketers and business development professionals who regularly reach out to in-house departments, it can be tough to know the difference between Senior Counsel, Managing Counsel, and Chief Legal Counsel, to name just a few....

How to Craft More Effective Client Alerts

September 25, 2023
Kelly McNees

Client alerts: Effective business development tool, or time-consuming project that delivers minimal value? As with most communication efforts, it depends — in this case, on how well you understand the purpose of alerts and what your audience needs and wants from them, and then how well your process produces alerts that meet those objectives. Based on some actual client alerts we’ve seen out in the wild lately, whoa nelly, is it time for a

Find Your Practice Niche and Secure Your Position with PR

August 14, 2023

Law school students often hear the same career advice: Go a to a top law school, get a clerkship, and land a job with a big law firm, says legal tech influencer Alex Su. Yet Su believes a successful career in law is more about choosing “a place that’s aligned with your superpowers.” He emphasizes the importance of finding your niche, whether it’s a specialized practice area or a specific industry. Once lawyers...

Should More Women Lawyers Play Golf?

July 31, 2023

Only about 25% of all golfers are women. This statistic may not sound concerning, but it points to a problem for women leaders and lawyers. Playing golf has long been a strong networking tool in the business world, and women who don’t play may be missing out on the opportunities created on the course. The Wall Street Journal recently examined this gap and considered how opting out of golf may negatively...