Social Media: An Effective Tool — and a Source of Tension

April 17, 2023

Stories of junior attorneys embarrassing themselves and their firms on social media have become a genre unto themselves in the past several years, and these gaffes serve as handy cautionary tales for firms training early-career attorneys to be cautious online.

While most of the attorneys using tools like TikTok to build their individual brands work for consumer-facing firms practicing in areas such as personal injury or family law,...

How Firms Can Celebrate Arab American Heritage Month

April 10, 2023

First formally recognized by President Biden in 2021, Arab American Heritage Month has been celebrated by cultural leaders for decades. Law firms have the opportunity to recognize and commemorate the contributions of Arab Americans in the legal industry and beyond as part of their broader inclusion...

How Media Training Can Help Your Firm

March 27, 2023

Law firm leaders who are responsible for executing their firm’s strategic plan need to feel comfortable communicating with national, local and industry-specific reporters, but few people, no matter how bright or accomplished, are born knowing how to do this effectively. When you see a lawyer successfully manage an interview or become a trusted source for a reporter, it’s usually because she or he has received media training. Media training comes in many shapes and sizes, and the best kind...

Why Are CEOs Going Silent on National Tragedies?

March 20, 2023

Nearly three years ago, the murder of George Floyd and the civil unrest that followed sparked a national conversation on racism. Law firm and business leaders who had never publicly discussed social or racial justice issues were speaking out.

Many law firm leaders issued public statements denouncing racism...