Black Law Leaders Are Driving Change. Marketers Can Support Their Work.

September 28, 2020

Ayanna Alexander’s August 24 piece on the leadership of Black chairmen, managing partners and presidents in prompting firms to commit money and time to antiracism describes a wide range of activities across firms, at the local and national level. Firms have joined the Law Firm Antiracism alliance, a newly formed organization dedicated to implementing legislative and regulatory strategies to address anti-Black racism. They are hosting webinars to train white colleagues in antiracism. They are expanding the scope and focus of their pro bono work to bring needed legal resources to underserved communities.

It is heartening to see genuine steps forward, and it’s not a surprise that the presence of Black attorneys in leadership positions is the driving force. Greater representation begets more thoughtful and responsive leadership. Big Law will never really become an inclusive place without it.

If you are a regular reader of the Page 2 blog, you know what’s coming next: our sincere hope that these firms have increased their marketing and communications budgets alongside these new initiatives. Marketers and content specialists like writers and designers and photographers and videographers could play a key role in telling the stories behind these initiatives (for instance, documenting and interviewing the law students, associates, partners, leaders and pro-bono community partners involved). Creating content that helps people in the industry, including legal reporters, understand your work will bring more attention and support to the cause. It’s also an excellent way to build the profiles of Black attorneys and help them develop the new business they need to secure their positions with their firms.

Marketing teams have an important and exciting role to play in supporting growing antiracism initiatives. Spread the word!