How to Use Your Firm Blog to Connect With Reporters

October 26, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some attorneys are repeatedly quoted as sources for media outlets while others with the same (or even more impressive!) practice never get interviewed? How did those attorneys connect with reporters for a story?

Attorneys who are interviewed and quoted repeatedly by the media have successfully demonstrated that they are subject-matter experts in their respective practice areas, and that they can explain legal matters in plain English. One way to do this is to maintain an up-to-date law firm blog that focuses on current legal matters and the industries that your law firm serves.

Here are 5 tips for using a blog to secure connections with the media:

  1. Create content that matters: Write intelligent, informative and quality content with your target audience in mind to boost your firm’s credibility. Distributing firm-centric announcements does not count as news. Reporters want a knowledgeable source who can provide thoughtful commentary on an issue.
  2. Use relevant data and trends: How can your firm help reporters make sense of stories of national significance? Help them to understand what is happening by providing research and data, explain the cause and effect of an event and then connect them with an attorney who is a subject-matter expert.
  3. Think like a reporter: Be on the lookout for newsworthy content that is related to your business. If you notice new changes to your industry, announce those industry updates to show that you are on top of changes that relate to your practice areas.
  4. Share blog posts on social media: Using social media platforms can showcase how your law firm is an authority in its field by consistently posting meaningful and relevant content. Tagging industry reporters in the blog when discussing recent news stories that they have written can help the law firm become more visible to reporters.
  5. Be consistent: Publishing compelling content on a daily or weekly basis will increase your law firm’s presence on search engines when reporters are researching online for a reputable source to interview.