Strategic Communications and the Midterm Elections

November 12, 2018

How the job of communications professionals has changed in the age of rapid information.

The midterm elections offer some important lessons in how the job of communications professionals has changed in the age of rapid information. It’s safe to say that the traditional focus of our work—messaging—matters less and less. Indeed, the decisive factor in wins and losses up and down ballots across the country generally was not strategy at all.  It was...

What Is the Role of Communications in #MeToo?

October 30, 2018

Disruption provides opportunities for firms that are committed to change.

As the #MeToo stories have increased over the past year or more, law firms are grappling with how to prepare for the crises they may face at some point. This means shoring up their process for filing complaints and conducting investigations. Bloomberg Law notes that a mixture of wide-ranging power dynamics...

Meet Michael

October 23, 2018

Michael brings a wealth of healthcare research knowledge to Page 2, and is able to craft compelling content that is built around current business trends. He also has marketing experience in client-facing roles, and writes compelling case studies and thought leadership pieces that convey authentic brand stories. Let’s get to know more about Michael’s background.

Where did you grow up, and which subjects most interested you in school?

I was born and raised in...

Under Pressure

October 16, 2018

How does your firm manage workplace stress?

Quality of life for attorneys has been getting a lot of coverage recently. This topic is obviously important, and firms that gain the reputation of managing their attorneys’ work-life balance stand a better chance of retaining those employees long term.

The biggest national firms worry about losing talent to the midsize firms, where lawyers are perceived to be happier, and have better quality of life. In fact, 

Meet Taryn

September 26, 2018

Page 2 Media Analyst Taryn Butler tracks and researches media trends for all our clients, and she produces in-depth coverage reports, generates targeted media lists, and manages social media amplification for the news stories and thought leadership pieces we produce. She also keeps the trains running on time in our office in a BIG way. Where would we be without Taryn?! Get to know this valued Page 2 team member a little better. Where did you grow...