Find Your Own Way to Originate Business

September 17, 2018

You don’t have to eat steak and smoke cigars, but you’ve got to do something.

Back in the good old days (okay, let’s just call them the old days, since we can think of more than a few things about them that were anything but good), there was a place for “service partners” in law firms—the lawyers who kept their heads down, provided excellent client service, and did great work. The business coming in from the big rainmakers kept these lawyers busy. Service...

What Is the Difference Between PR and Marketing?

September 6, 2018

It’s time to take another look at these categories.

We’ve noticed lately that many of the clients we serve in the legal field have a fuzzy idea about the difference between PR and marketing. Maybe that’s because these two disciplines collaborate on many projects and, in some firms, report to a single director, or because digital media has so radically changed the landscape of all kinds of communications over the last decade that it has muddied the waters. Whatever the reason,...

Why Your Firm Should Have a Podcast

August 21, 2018


Now that technology has made producing and distributing podcasts cheap and easy, it must be said that we are truly living in the golden age of audio content. No matter what you’re into, there’s a podcast produced by fellow enthusiasts looking to share ideas and create community.

Podcasts are an especially great fit for the legal field. How should they factor into your PR plans?

• Lawyers should listen to podcasts because they provide a model for how to talk...

Meet the New Page 2 Account Team

August 7, 2018

Page 2 is growing! Page 2 Communications offers world-class PR, media relations, digital strategy, and communications to help law firms large and small achieve their marketing and business development goals. We are known as one of the very best in the business for law firm public relations, and here’s why: Every member of our team has significant experience in journalism and media, and each of us has an advanced degree in fields like reporting and political science. We are not PR...