Three Ways to Highlight Your Firm’s 2022 Wins

November 28, 2022

Your firm’s attorneys are already planning for 2023, but remember to take time to reflect on the year that was. Making time to celebrate the firm’s 2022 successes is a win for colleagues and clients alike.

Capturing everything the firm accomplished in the past year creates an opportunity for leaders to acknowledge key accomplishments and thank everyone for their contributions to the firm — which can boost morale. Making that year-end roundup public on firm channels creates further engagement, prompting contacts and clients to reach out and to share the good news.

Here are three easy ways to get this information out before year’s end:

  1. Share client testimonials. Let clients tell your firm’s story. Package client testimonials into a “How we made an impact in 2022” piece. When possible, include client names — with their permission, of course. If it’s not appropriate to list client names, use anonymizing language that conveys their position in the market. Internally, firm leaders can include testimonials as part of a “Thanks for all your hard work in 2022” message, recognizing those who earned the positive feedback. Externally, issue a press release highlighting the wins, or post a blog on the firm’s website, and share it on social media. Finally, remember to upload testimonials to the firm’s website.

  2. Bundle wins by category or dollar amount. Firm leaders may worry that matters seem too small or not “newsworthy” enough when listed alone. But you can emphasize the impact made by describing successes by category, such as “several complex commercial litigation matters.” Another option is combining dollar amounts, such as “closed several deals valued altogether at more than $200 million.” (Remember to clearly state that the larger figure represents a combination of matters in order to stay within ABA rules on marketing.) Law firm leaders can share these wins internally, acknowledging attorneys who contributed. Externally, highlight the wins on the firm’s website — as a blog post or on a “Results” page — and feature them on social channels.

  3. Highlight pro bono work. Whether your firm’s lawyers litigated a large case or served at a legal aid desk, share how their pro bono efforts made a difference. One way is for attorneys to share, in writing or via a video, their perspective — why they give back, how they got involved with pro bono work, and the impact of their efforts on an organization. Another option: Ask an organization that benefited from your firm’s pro bono efforts to highlight the impact it made. It could be shout-outs on social media, posting on their website or issuing a press release. Wherever the organization touts your firm’s work, make the most of it by sharing internally and externally.

One last tip: There’s no rule limiting a year-in-review to a strict 12-month time frame. If you need to expand to 14 months to capture key work, that’s fine.

Sharing your firm’s successes — and recognizing those who contributed — is a warm way to end the year. And it sets the tone for a positive start to 2023.