True Support for Minority Partners Means Inclusion in PR Plans Too

February 12, 2019

A recent Law 360 Expert Analysis piece, “Diversity’s Next Step: Developing Minority Partners,” makes an incisive case for what law leaders must do to stem attrition of minority lawyers and ensure that they have opportunities to build their business and become partners in the firms that recruited them. The authors cite access to true mentorship, which leads to new client relationships and business development, and a more equitable distribution of matters so that lawyers are ensured access to challenging, meaningful legal work, as two of the most important steps firms must take to address the problem of attrition.

At Page 2, our vantage point as experts in both law firm communications and in the particular challenges women and minority lawyers face has allowed us to identify another crucial step: Law firms’ PR plans must devote resources to building the profile of these attorneys. If your vision for the future of your firm includes a more diverse equity partnership—and it had better!—then start building the path to that future now in your current strategic communications plan. Who are your future superstars? And what are the exciting, trailblazing, game-changing skills and perspectives they bring to their work? Promoting their expertise is a powerful way to help them build their business while also promoting the firm as a whole.

Our account executives can create a plan that helps your attorneys connect with reporters, promote their thought leadership, and get on the radar for awards and recognition from their colleagues. You know your attorneys are doing great work, but the only way this will lead to more and bigger clients is if you get the word out. Devoting PR resources to your up-and-coming minority lawyers will be money well spent if it means they feel confident they can build their careers at your firm and become its future leaders.