What the Heck Is a LinkedIn Pod?

September 8, 2020

Elsewhere on the blog, we’ve stressed the importance of social media during this period of limited networking and remote work. Tools such as LinkedIn help you stay connected and market your practice in a way that meets current and prospective clients where they are.

But attorneys who have built a strong LinkedIn profile and regularly share high-quality content know that it can be pretty demoralizing to craft the perfect post, only to have it sit unread, without a “like” or a comment. As the tumbleweed rolls by, it’s easy to see why an attorney would conclude social media is not worth the effort.

The problem isn’t LinkedIn, though — it’s the effort to go it alone. Recently one of our colleagues suggested a great solution to this problem: a “LinkedIn pod.”

Piggybacking off the concept of remote-learning pods forming ahead of back-to-school this fall, a LinkedIn pod consists of a group of friends and/or colleagues who all agree to “like,” comment on and engage with each other’s LinkedIn posts. You can form your own pod by creating an email thread or a group text with colleagues where participants send out a heads-up message about a new post. The rest of the group can check out that person’s post when they have a minute and, most importantly, engage with it by liking or commenting. The LinkedIn algorithm rewards these posts with greater visibility, which means you can help drive the reach of your colleagues’ posts, and they can help you with yours in turn. And knowing you have a guaranteed audience may incentivize you to put more time into building your profile online.

Pods can also be organized around affinity groups that need an extra boost. For instance, women lawyers in a particular market could join forces to promote each other’s posts, thought leadership links and awards announcements. Not only will this help individuals, but it may create a halo effect that extends to the rest of the pod. There is strength in numbers online just as in person.

If you are frustrated with lack of traction on LinkedIn, consider joining forces with colleagues in a pod. To learn more about how to set one up, reach out to us here at Page 2.