What You Need to Know about LinkedIn’s New Features

January 23, 2023

LinkedIn recently previewed some of the new features that will hit the platform this year , and while all of them will certainly benefit the average user, two of the items on this list have us particularly excited.

Scheduled Posts

One of the most pined-after features for LinkedIn users will finally arrive: the ability to schedule and plan your posts in advance. LinkedIn plans to add a “schedule” button next to the “post” button when you create a post, allowing users to choose the date and time to share the content.

Other social media platforms have had this feature for quite a while now, and it is high time that LinkedIn caught up. This addition will allow attorneys and legal marketers the flexibility to plan out posts in advance, and space them out over their preferred time frame rather than having to find the time to share content in the moment.

Updated Content Analytics

Evaluating the performance of either your or your firm’s content is crucial to your social media strategy. Understanding what content does and does not perform well allows you to adjust your strategy to better connect with your target audience. LinkedIn is giving the content analytics dashboard a bit of a makeover to include more information on audience data and top-performing content that will allow you to see changes in your followers and learn more about your audience’s demographics.

These two changes will be a huge help for both legal marketers managing their firm LinkedIn pages and attorneys handling their personal accounts, so be sure to keep an eye out for these updates.