Why Your Firm Should Have a Podcast

August 21, 2018


Now that technology has made producing and distributing podcasts cheap and easy, it must be said that we are truly living in the golden age of audio content. No matter what you’re into, there’s a podcast produced by fellow enthusiasts looking to share ideas and create community.

Podcasts are an especially great fit for the legal field. How should they factor into your PR plans?

• Lawyers should listen to podcasts because they provide a model for how to talk about what they do in a relatable “storytelling” manner that’s far more compelling than typical professional language used in legal circles. 
• Podcasts are great resources for anyone who wants to have insight into the industry—law firms leaders, marketing professionals, attorneys who want to raise their profile, and really anyone looking to better understand the field. Smart people who are thinking about the future are the ones making these shows.
• Law firms should attempt to get their leaders and attorneys onto podcasts because they have great demographics. The smartest, most tuned-in folks are listening. For attorneys who are well-spoken and personable, it’s a natural fit.
• And law firms should be making podcasts of their own. It’s a relatively low-cost way to produce high-quality content that interested potential clients and recruits will seek out when they are making decisions.

Here are Page 2’s picks for the best legal podcasts available now:

The Law Firm Disrupted (Am Law)
Legal Rebels (ABA Journal)
Legal Current (Thompson Reuters)
Amicus (Slate)
Thinking Like a Lawyer (Above the Law)
Planet Lex (Northwestern Law School)
The Lawyerist

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