Help for Firms Going From A-list to D-list on Diversity

August 12, 2019

The stats on who’s in and who’s out on the 2019 A-List may be one of the biggest diversity and inclusion stories of the year. While firms’ revenue per lawyer of course continues to play a central role in selection for the list, this innovative survey also considers metrics like pro bono work, associate satisfaction, racial diversity and gender diversity among the partnership. And that more holistic view knocked more than a few firms down a peg or two.

In fact, of the twenty almost-made-it firms featured in a recent American Lawyer piece, at least five had fallen off the list because of declines in their diversity or number of female equity partners, or both. To be clear that means that these firms are not just holding steady with their woeful numbers but actually backsliding. Declines in diversity—in 2019!

You don’t have to be a public relations expert (though we know some you can call!) to understand that finding yourself on the list of firms moving in the wrong direction is bad for your reputation. Which means it is bad for business. We’ve written in this space about what firm leaders can be doing to raise the profile of their women and minority partners, and that advice seems more important than ever. Not only will it benefit your firm to showcase your top talent, but it may mean the difference between retaining those lawyers for the long haul or losing them to a firm that will value their contributions.

Don’t settle for life on the D-list. Put a sophisticated communications strategy to work and secure your most valuable talent.