Economic Incentive to Create Women-Led Litigation Teams Is an Enticing Opportunity

December 31, 2018

But only if firms can seize it.

Global Finance and Investment Management Firm Buford Capital’s recent announcement of its Equity Project, a $50 million pool of capital earmarked for financing commercial litigation and arbitration matters with a woman-led counsel team, illuminates another source of pressure on top firms to make progress on equity. Perhaps now that firms are presented with a stark business justification for elevating women to senior positions—that is, it may make the difference as to whether they win financing for a major plaintiff’s suit—they will find a way to overcome the roadblocks they’ve somehow been helpless to scale so far. 

The fact that companies who finance litigation are willing to invest in a suit not only based on its content but also based on who is leading the team should inspire firms to promote the work of their women and minority attorneys and elevate them into leadership roles. Smart and strategic PR and communications will allow firms to take advantage of this significant source of support, not to mention raise their profile overall and showcase the diverse array of talent that will allow them to thrive amid client demand for progress. Let us help you shine a light on your best and brightest—and set up your firm to maximize this new financing trend.