How Can a GC Use Your Content?

December 20, 2021

The good news — corporate general counsel want to hear from you. The bad news? If your firm is like most law firms, you’re sending them content that is not very useful to them. What they value is strategic insight. But often they just get more information — during an era of information overload. A press release announcing your firm’s new hire or award from Best Lawyers does not help them do their job better. Clients and prospects want substantive, actionable material. This is why it’s so important to understand the needs of your GC audience and craft content that will actually help them solve problems and avoid pitfalls. Here are three ways you can make sure the content you send feels valuable to the GCs receiving it:

  1. Segment your communication. Use a “tagging” or segmenting feature in your email program to categorize GCs on your contact list by industry. As you may know, segmenting your email list involves dividing the list into different parts and allows you to send tailored content to a particular audience. It takes more time to create industry-specific content, but the truth is that one-size-fits-all email blasts just don’t work. Segmenting your email list can boost your email open rates by 203%!  
  2. Send GCs industry-specific news stories. One easy source of industry-specific content is pulling a news story for one industry segment and sending it out with some commentary from your firm’s relevant practice group. Providing GCs on your list with a smart take on a relevant issue, as well as actionable next steps, positions your attorneys as well-informed sources of insider knowledge. The next time that GC needs legal guidance, your attorneys may be top of mind for a call. According to a recent survey by data provider Leopard Solutions, when it comes to choosing outside counsel, 91% of respondents listed legal expertise and responsiveness as very important considerations. “Responsiveness” doesn’t just mean that you get back to people in a timely matter. It also means that you anticipate what they need to know before they can even ask the question.
  3. Arrange events of interest to GCs. Organize webinars, roundtables and panel discussions rooted in real-world, timely issues GCs are facing. Again, focus on providing valuable and meaningful takeaways that these leaders can use in their work. Doing so will help you stand out from other firms as a go-to source of information that GCs value.

Before you send your next email to your clients, consider your strategy. Think about why you are sending it and what value that information has — to them. By putting your GC audience’s needs first you will be able to create content they can actually use and benefit from.