How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

May 16, 2022

As law firms embraced (or were dragged into) remote-work mode over the past few years, LinkedIn has taken on much greater importance as a replacement for industry-focused conversation and networking that used to happen in person. And LinkedIn has stepped up its game in response, introducing new features that can help users more easily share their content with people who want to see it. 

One of these is the LinkedIn newsletter, a new-ish feature available to lawyers who maintain a personal LinkedIn page. A newsletter is an excellent substitute for in-person networking because it allows you to deliver content to your contacts in multiple ways, and connect with new people who have never come across your profile before.

How It Works

A personal LinkedIn newsletter pulls together your LinkedIn articles (remember, those are distinct from your shorter LinkedIn posts — see below) and sends them to your network via a notification on the LinkedIn website and via an email. The email is especially helpful given that you may not have direct email addresses for all your LinkedIn contacts.

Writing LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn articles offer an opportunity to write longer pieces to share with your network. Some attorneys use this space to explore trends in their practice area and other issues of interest to clients and their industries. Others use articles to tell more personal stories: reflecting on professional decisions, work-life balance, lessons learned from challenging experiences, mentoring, and other “soft skill” issues of firm culture.

While there are good reasons to do both, more personal articles tend to draw greater engagement from your contacts, which leads the algorithm to grant your content greater visibility, which leads to new connections. If you use LinkedIn to expand your professional network, then sharing a bit more of your personality and professional philosophy could be the way to go.

Either way, your LinkedIn newsletter will feature the articles you publish on LinkedIn. While creating the content definitely requires a time investment, it could pay off in access to prospective clients.

How to Get Started

Here is a brief overview of the steps, but for detailed instructions, check out this guide or LinkedIn’s FAQ page on newsletters.


  1. Log in to your profile and enable creator mode.
  2. Click create a post, then the option to create an article. Inside the editing tool, click the option for “create newsletter.”
  3. Give your newsletter a name and a description.
  4. Upload your firm’s logo.
  5. Choose your frequency. (And be realistic about how often you or the attorney will be able to send it.)
  6. Now, every time you create an article, you’ll have the option to associate it with the newsletter to raise its visibility. 
  7. Invite people to share the newsletter.

New tools like this can be a great way to shake things up with your social media strategy and experiment with what kinds of content create the highest level of engagement. Have your lawyers been enabling the LinkedIn newsletter feature? Let us know how it’s going!