Media Relations Runs on Trust

March 25, 2020

We always suspected that we worked with some of the smartest, most resourceful attorneys around. But as the extraordinary events of last week unfolded across the business community, our clients confirmed our hunch — and then some! Here are a few highlights of the subject-matter expertise and counsel our attorney clients shared in the media to assist the industries they serve:

Andrew Cripe, Chair of the Employment Advice group at Polsinelli, and Margo Wolf O’Donnell, Co-Chair of the Labor and Employment group at Benesch, spoke with the Chicago Tribune about what employers must do to protect privacy rights of employees who become sick with COVID-19.

Steve Levin, Founding Partner of Levin & Perconti and nationally recognized advocate for the rights of nursing home patients, was interviewed by ABC-7 and the Associated Press.

Sara Shanti, Partner in the Benesch Healthcare and Practice group, spoke with Modern Healthcare about privacy concerns with tech company Alphabet’s COVID-19 screening project.

David Goodman, Founder of Goodman Law Group, spoke with the Chicago Sun-Times about how individuals and businesses can navigate the cancelation of contracts due to the pandemic.

Reporters are working around the clock to get information out to the people who need it. They are also getting swamped with all kinds of pitches, most of which are poorly conceived, self-serving or just plain inappropriate in a time where there is no room for misinformation and error.

Normally we don’t like to brag (really!), but it’s important for our clients to understand why their articles and expertise are breaking through the noise: Page 2 has spent years developing relationships with these reporters and outlets. We are known for our sophisticated understanding of the media landscape and for our professional excellence. In a time of crisis, that translates to reporters picking up the phone when we call.

Reputation always matters, but right now it matters more than ever.

We do not expect the pace of coverage to slow anytime soon. In the coming weeks, business reporters will shift their focus from the acute phase of reporting on the crisis to the longer-term concerns of industry leaders as the economy contracts and just about every aspect of our lives changes. If you have insights into what leaders should be doing to weather the storm and prepare for the coming wave of change, please get in touch. We know how to connect you with reporters and publish the kind of thought leadership your clients are eager to receive in this time of uncertainty.