The Client Feedback-Responsive Content Feedback Loop

January 31, 2022

In-person marketing and business development took a hit during the pandemic. In response, law firms adapted, investing in technology to support the imperfect but crucial virtual versions of traditional in-person networking and marketing, such as LinkedIn and webinars.

Now, law firms can make the most of pandemic “lessons learned” to strengthen how they connect with clients and prospects and how they respond to what they learn from those conversations. Going into 2022, firms’ marketing priorities should include gathering client feedback and creating content that responds to that feedback.   

The Power of Client Feedback

 Collecting client information and feedback has not traditionally been a strength for law firms. (Firms aren’t always keen on efforts that don’t translate to billable hours — and sometimes they are simply afraid to hear the honest truth about the quality of their service.) But as Ioana Good explains in American Lawyer, “firms need to be much more intentional in understanding client needs.”

One positive side effect of the pandemic pushing firms to digital marketing is their investment in technology to support these efforts. As firms become more tech savvy, there are more tools than ever to help them gather feedback from clients through surveys, interviews conducted virtually or in person, or a hybrid approach. But understanding what your clients find valuable is crucial. This is the only way firms can better serve them today — and anticipate future needs.

Responsive Content Is Valuable Content

Collecting feedback is only the first step. Then your firm must evaluate what you’ve learned from it and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. If you hear from clients that they are especially sensitive to price right now, or that they really appreciated the high-touch service they received from senior partners during the early months of the pandemic, or that they are overwhelmed by a slate of new regulations, create new content across your channels that responds to these needs. When clients see that you’ve heard their requests and are responding, their confidence in the relationship increases.

Creating a Feedback Loop

When you continually ask for feedback and then act on that information, you create a valuable feedback loop, the sweet spot for building credibility. You ask, they respond, you ask again, and you continue to deepen trust and communication. Your marketing is not just speaking to some faceless audience. It is based on a specific and comprehensive understanding of what your clients need to be hearing from you. These richer relationships will yield positive results for clients and the firm, allowing you to elevate your offerings and drive growth.

There is no shortcut to this cycle. It’s a labor-intensive process. But it’s critical for firms’ growth and success in 2022 and beyond.