What Does Marketing Have to Do With ALSPs?

April 3, 2023

The Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP) market is growing dramatically because many firms are turning to outside vendors to control costs, better meet demand, and get access to new technologies.

The Thomson Reuters Institute Alternative Legal Services Providers 2023 report estimated the size of the market was $20.6 billion at the end of fiscal year 2021, an increase of 45% from the last report two years ago.

Both large and midsize firms cite ALSPs as helping them retain clients. Some firms rely on ALSPs for help with e-discovery, document review and coding, and other tasks, and to access “specialized expertise.” These vendors also allow firms the flexibility to meet demand without increasing headcount — this helps them manage costs and leverage new technologies to operate more efficiently.

How legal marketers can support their firm’s use of ALSPs

The main challenge — and opportunity — ALSPs present is that clients may not know that much about the value and innovation these vendors can deliver in providing cost-effective, high-quality work.

Marketers can help change that by educating current clients about what ALSPs are and what they offer. Consider adding a new section to your firm website, creating a one-page explainer, or publishing a LinkedIn article on your firm’s page on the topic:

  • Explain the benefits: ASLPs can save clients money and help them access new technologies and solutions they may not be aware of.
  • And be reassuring: Clients who don’t know much about these new providers and tools may worry they will change the quality of the legal services your firm provides. Make it clear that firm leadership and the relationship partner are still in the driver’s seat. The firm is delivering increased value by using ALSPs.
  • Share success stories: Case studies or testimonials from clients who experienced firsthand the benefits of ALSPs can go a long way toward encouraging current and potential clients to welcome these benefits.

Whether your firm is new to using ALSPs, or new to talking about it externally, it’s a strong differentiator for firms looking for a competitive advantage. Sharing your firm’s successes with ALSPs positions you as a leader in innovation and highlights the firm’s commitment to client excellence. Collaborating with ALSPs — and touting the benefits with clients — demonstrates that your firm has its eyes on the future of law.