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De Novo Exclusive: “What Really Motivates People?” by IL Lt Gov’s Chief of Staff Charles Watkins

May 17, 2021

When it comes to motivation, law firm leaders often think in terms of carrots and sticks. But Charles WatkinsChief of Staff for Illinois Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton, knows from his long career in public service and politics that it takes more than just rewards and penalties to bring out the very best in people. Charles writes about how he motivates his team in an article for

“How to Build a Board of Directors — For Your Own Career” Appears in Forbes

May 13, 2021

Deb Pickett's latest article for Forbes Business Council, "How to Build a Board of Directors — For Your Own Career," counsels leaders to seek guidance from a broad array of guides to help them make key decisions, especially people whose backgrounds and experiences might give them different perspectives. 


De Novo Exclusive: The Imperative (and Hazards) of Speaking Up on Social Issues

April 26, 2021

In a cultural moment that shows little tolerance for neutral players beholden only to the interests of their clients, law leaders face uncomfortable conflicts and big decisions about what it means to be a moral actor in 2021. In the past year, and especially in the past few weeks, we've seen law firms lining up to