De Novo Exclusive: “Are You Making the Most of Client Feedback?” by Benesch CMO Jeanne Hammerstrom

October 18, 2021

Jeanne Hammerstrom is the Chief Marketing Officer of Benesch and has firm-wide responsibility for business development, client service and marketing communications. Jeanne is a frequent speaker and writer for the legal marketing industry.

When you consider the benefits of collecting and acting on feedback from your clients — the ability to preserve valuable relationships, spot potential problems and address them early, and tailor services and process to better serve your clients — it seems obvious that a client feedback program should be a top priority for every law firm. But many firms do not regularly survey the companies they serve and, unfortunately, miss out on this valuable source of business intelligence.

If you are one of the minority of firms currently running a client feedback program, you are already ahead of the curve. But you may not be extracting the full value from the information you collect. Here are some tips on how to optimize your current program:

Make sure you are talking to the right people. Of course you will want to prioritize outreach to your firm’s top clients, but your entire client roster contains valuable sources of information. Has your firm recently hired new laterals? Connecting with the clients of those new attorneys can be part of the onboarding process, and help you identify areas where your firm’s processes and approach may differ from the previous firm. Ask how things are going so far, what you could improve and what the clients most value in the relationship.  

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