How to Use Videos on Your Websites and Social Channels

November 25, 2019

While the legal profession has always prized the written word, firms need to think beyond articles and white papers when it comes to marketing their services. Buyers of legal services, whether they are everyday consumers or sophisticated in-house attorneys, are drowning in a sea of content they don’t have enough time to digest. Scrolling through a well-written thought leadership article is still a great way for a prospective client to learn about an attorney’s subject-matter expertise. But what if the prospect could also watch a video made by that attorney?

Some law firms are making the most of the opportunities this medium provides by creating — either in-house or with the help of an outside agency — videos to demonstrate their attorneys’ skills and knowledge. Kansas City-based Shook, Hardy & Bacon informs clients of the scope of its expertise through short “explainer” videos it calls “60 Seconds of Legal Science.” Littler Mendelson creates enough content for five different video channels, ranging from “Hot Topics” to“Littler Talks” (modeled on Ted Talks) to “Littler Celebrates,” videos showcasing diversity and inclusion.

Considering following suit? Every law firm should be thinking about how to reach its audience in multiple ways, but especially . . .

Firms that work in life sciences, blockchain and other highly technical areas. Current and prospective clients want to know how well you can unpack complex topics for a nontechnical audience, especially a jury. Your most charismatic and eloquent attorneys would be great candidates for these.

Firms adopting a novel approach to the traditional law firm business model. If your firm is breaking the mold by using alternative fee structures, remote and flexible scheduling, partnerships with alternative legal service providers, unusual approaches to culture or any other innovations to the conventional work process, your online presence should reflect this forward-thinking element of your brand. Videos make your attorneys accessible, approachable and human. Why not offer video bios alongside conventional bio text?

Firms embracing diversity and inclusion as central to their brands. All law firms should be striving to recruit attorneys from diverse backgrounds, both because clients demand it and because diverse teams come up with more innovative solutions to problems. Videos celebrating your diversity can showcase not just the different voices of your firm’s attorneys but the unique experiences, perspectives and networks they bring to their practice.

A quick internet search of existing law firm marketing content reveals some exemplary videos — and some serious stinkers. To maximize the chances that people will actually see the videos you dedicate time and resources to creating, keep some best practices in mind and you’ll be broadcasting in no time.

  • Keep them short. The best videos are about a minute long.
  • Invest in high-quality design and production, including sound. Engage an experienced production company to help you produce videos that deliver your content in appealing ways that elevate the brand of your firm.
  • Create a method for capturing user feedback. Knowing who is watching and how they share your videos will help you assess their effectiveness and make changes to your approach. Consider making videos that directly answer frequently asked questions.
  • Make videos easy to share. Don’t embed videos on your website in ways that keep viewers stranded there. Put the videos on sharable platforms with direct links, and encourage social sharing.