How Well-Crafted Employee Town Halls Help Firms Retain Clients

February 18, 2020

Law firm marketing leaders typically play an important role in planning and organizing partnership and all-attorney meetings within mid-size and large firms. That’s because everyone in leadership understands that attorneys who develop new business need to be clear on the firm’s overall branding and messaging.

The same cannot be said, however, for employee town hall meetings, and that is a problem. While it’s true that administrative staff are less likely to be involved with landing new clients, they are without a doubt the firm’s primary practitioners of customer service. They take calls, handle client correspondence, set schedules, send bills — all things that are very much a part of the client experience. When it comes to current clients, law firm staff are the face of the firm’s brand.

And here is the truth: Your internal communications make a direct impact on your external reputation — and your bottom line.

Given the strategic importance of retaining and deepening relationships with current clients, firm leadership really must give more consideration to the messaging they use with administrative staff. Involving in-house marketing professionals and outside communications support in the planning stages for town halls and other meetings will allow firm leaders to position staff as ambassadors of the firm’s brand in all they do and not just the supporting cast for attorneys.