Meet Michael

October 23, 2018

Michael brings a wealth of healthcare research knowledge to Page 2, and is able to craft compelling content that is built around current business trends. He also has marketing experience in client-facing roles, and writes compelling case studies and thought leadership pieces that convey authentic brand stories. Let’s get to know more about Michael’s background.

Where did you grow up, and which subjects most interested you in school?

I was born and raised in Milwaukee. In school, I was most interested in history and English classes. I liked history because it gave me some context and background to current events. And I liked English class because of the writing involved—especially research reports! I didn’t think about it at the time, but those reports set me on the path to what I’m doing now. 

What kind of work were you doing before you came to Page 2?

My background is in healthcare business journalism. I was a reporter and researcher at Modern Healthcare magazine, which is a Crain publication. That experience taught me a lot about healthcare policy, and how those policies directly impact citizens. 

What do you like most about working with lawyers and law firms?

I love learning about the industries that our clients serve. Not only the healthcare sector, but also transportation, real estate, and labor & employment. The lawyers we work with are not only smart, but their practices are so varied that no day is the same as the one before. 

What’s your favorite thing about living in Chicago?

There is always something to do. I’m a big fan of live music, and there are tons of venues of all sizes. And I like that every neighborhood has its own feel; it’s a big city, of course, but there’s still that friendly Midwest feel. And I love the food options!