Meet Taryn

September 26, 2018

Page 2 Media Analyst Taryn Butler tracks and researches media trends for all our clients, and she produces in-depth coverage reports, generates targeted media lists, and manages social media amplification for the news stories and thought leadership pieces we produce. She also keeps the trains running on time in our office in a BIG way. Where would we be without Taryn?! Get to know this valued Page 2 team member a little better.

Where did you grow up, and which subjects most interested you in school?

Rochester, Illinois (a small town outside of Springfield). Once I got into junior high, I realized I was very talented at foreign languages. I took German beginning in seventh grade and through the end of high school. I started taking Spanish my sophomore year of high school (I was the only student in the entire school who took both languages that were offered). I continued taking Spanish at McKendree (it was one of my minors) and then also took a year of French!

What kind of work were you doing before you came to Page 2?

I was working on a gubernatorial campaign for a progressive candidate as a field organizer while finishing up my master’s degree in political science at Illinois State down in Bloomington-Normal.

What do you like most about working with lawyers and law firms?

From the news-monitoring perspective, the topics and possibilities are practically endless. Political science intersects with law quite a bit, and I think taking a political scientist’s perspective to look at some of the topics and issues gives a new angle to a lot of the stories that Deb, Michael, and Monica may not have considered before because of their background in journalism. My grad school career was all about reading articles, news, books, etc., thinking critically about how those issues translate to today’s world, and considering the consequences of those policies, laws, events, etc. for the future. I like being able to bring that sort of perspective to topics that many people never really notice!

What’s your favorite thing about living in Chicago?

Tough to pick just one thing, but I love that no matter how many times you go out there is always something new to discover—a festival, art show, restaurant, cool rooftop bars, etc! I’m from a town that had 500 kids in its high school, and the only things in town are a single gas station and a Subway! So the endless options can be almost overwhelming.