Midwestern Firms Are Having a Moment

August 14, 2018

Molson Coors GC Lee Reichert recently wrote about his company’s decision to seek out the very best lawyers for a significant arbitration, regardless of whether that firm had a “name” and storied reputation. Reichert and his colleagues had been paying attention to recent data showing that Am Law 20 firms were performing worse on average than their smaller competitors on all the elements of legal service clients care about. Top talent, experts say, is increasingly dispersed across the country, which means that the old habit of turning to New York firms for every important matter may not be serving companies.

Recihert and his team ultimately chose lawyers from the Denver office of a Philadelphia-based firm and were thrilled with the service they received. At Page 2, we hear the same enthusiasm about the mid-size firms we represent in the Midwest. GCs are looking to other indicators beyond “gut feeling” and pedigree in the hopes of finding more reliable quality, innovation, responsiveness, and efficiency in the lawyers they hire. More than ever before, they are open-minded and willing give mid-size firms a try.

This is a huge moment for firms making a name for themselves, and PR and communications are integral to positioning your firm to get on the radar of clients who might have not have considered you in the past. Will you be ready when opportunity knocks? We can help!