Our Top 5 LinkedIn Tips

May 11, 2020

Many people avoid dealing with their LinkedIn profile because the work feels like a time suck. While it’s certainly true that you could devote hours per week to this tool, it is not necessary or very effective. We have zeroed in on our top five LinkedIn tips to show how spending just a few minutes per day on some key aspects of the site can really pay off in your efforts to stay connected to your network of colleagues, competitors, clients and prospects.

1) Take advantage of the Featured section. The Featured section of your LinkedIn profile lets you pin your favorite content to your page and showcase it for others to see. You can pin thought leadership articles, LinkedIn updates, blog posts, videos and more. If there is one thing you are going to update regularly, this should be it.

2) Block out time for LinkedIn. Just as you block out time for client work, you should block out time for LinkedIn. It doesn’t require hours of dedication — even 10 minutes per day is enough to make a difference. Multiple short sessions are actually more effective than one long session because it improves your visibility on the platform by showing LinkedIn that you are frequently active.

3) Always post with your target audience in mind. Your target audiences on LinkedIn are current and prospective clients, referral sources and other influencers. Posting content that is helpful and relevant to your audience positions you as someone who wants to help and is knowledgeable about the issues that are important to your clients. What keeps your clients up at night? How do you demonstrate the value you offer potential clients?

4) Use relevant and popular hashtags. Hashtags are essentially keywords that you want to be associated with your post. Using hashtags allows people who search for that word or phrase to see your post and engage with your content. Using the right hashtags will increase your post views and engagement. Aim to use 1-3 per post in addition to the firm’s hashtag (if your firm has one).

5) Be personable, but not too personal. It’s important not to forget that LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals. Don’t be afraid to tell stories or share mistakes, but also know where to draw the line. LinkedIn isn’t a place for politics or deeply personal matters, but sharing stories establishes trust and builds credibility. Keep it fun and professional.