January 29, 2019

If one of your resolutions for 2019 is to make your firm known as the leader in a particular practice niche, building a microsite may be the best way to comprehensively communicate your group’s expertise and service offerings to the marketplace.

A microsite is a hyper-targeted website designed to function separately from your firm’s main website and is dedicated to one specific practice area, legal subject matter, initiative, or type of service. By focusing on the specific needs...

Not All Media Coverage Is Created Equal

December 31, 2018

Credibility matters.

A big part of our job at Page 2 is counseling clients on the most important media outlets in their field, and, especially with newer online publications, how to tell the difference between the credible outlets and the dubious fakers. Of course, every firm’s overall goal is to build its attorneys’ profiles as thought leaders making an impact in their practice areas. But having one of your attorneys quoted in a shady publication could actually be worse for your...

Strategic Communications and the Midterm Elections

November 12, 2018

How the job of communications professionals has changed in the age of rapid information.

The midterm elections offer some important lessons in how the job of communications professionals has changed in the age of rapid information. It’s safe to say that the traditional focus of our work—messaging—matters less and less. Indeed, the decisive factor in wins and losses up and down ballots across the country generally was not strategy at all.  It was...

What Is the Difference Between PR and Marketing?

September 6, 2018

It’s time to take another look at these categories.

We’ve noticed lately that many of the clients we serve in the legal field have a fuzzy idea about the difference between PR and marketing. Maybe that’s because these two disciplines collaborate on many projects and, in some firms, report to a single director, or because digital media has so radically changed the landscape of all kinds of communications over the last decade that it has muddied the waters. Whatever the reason,...

Why Your Firm Should Have a Podcast

August 21, 2018


Now that technology has made producing and distributing podcasts cheap and easy, it must be said that we are truly living in the golden age of audio content. No matter what you’re into, there’s a podcast produced by fellow enthusiasts looking to share ideas and create community.

Podcasts are an especially great fit for the legal field. How should they factor into your PR plans?

• Lawyers should listen to podcasts because they provide a model for how to talk...