This Template Might Solve Your Social Media Woes

December 4, 2023

We often hear from legal marketers who are frustrated with the quality of their law firm social media content. While they are charged with writing posts for LinkedIn, they often do not have access to the raw material they need — information about client wins, events, awards, articles published by attorneys and more — to create content that is timely and engaging.

Fortunately, this is a straightforward process issue, and one possible solution is using some version of our handy dandy Social Media Content Collection Form, which marketers can download and customize to suit their needs.

This form asks attorneys to submit suggestions for posts and to include all relevant information and links in advance (what a concept!) so that marketers may plan their social calendars and get content approved to keep it moving.

How do you get attorneys to actually fill this out? Some our of clients send a weekly email reminder. Others rely on practice group leaders to send it out periodically to their teams. Still others focus on one group or a few groups at a time, gently nudging attorneys who are known to value the exposure and visibility social media provides. In any case, a little positive peer pressure can work wonders to get more attorneys engaged and thinking ahead to provide this key information to the people who need it.

A robust and engaging LinkedIn page is a thing of beauty — and, with the right process in place, it’s a goal you can achieve. Do you have more questions about how to improve your firm’s social media presence? Get in touch.