Vault Returns!

September 18, 2023
Kelly McNees

For those lamenting the loss of Vault, we have good news: It’s back! The beloved — or, more accurately, grudgingly tolerated and beloved — law firm rankings have returned after a two-year hiatus.

This week we’re looking at why Vault is so popular, and sharing how lawyers and law students use it to assess whether your firm is a fit.

As a refresher, Vault vanished in 2021 (technically, it merged with Firsthand) after more than 20 years as a trusted resource for law firm rankings. Vault rankings became sub-brands of Firsthand, but the content just wasn’t the same. Then, in August, Vault announced its return, with a promise to be even better than before.

Why Recruits Love It

Vault content is highly regarded and closely watched because it is considered a relatively independent and credible source of insider information on what law firms are really like.

Law students considering summer associate programs, and associates charting their career paths, look to Vault’s rankings to gauge how law firms measure up against their peers. The Vault Law 100 ranking, this year based on survey responses from 20,000 associates across the country, claims to offer a definitive guide to the 100 “most prestigious” firms. Firm profiles, which can include Q&As with current lawyers and practice-specific information, provide additional fodder for decision making.

Job seekers also turn to Vault for insight on workplace culture. The best firms for diversity ranking highlights firms that have made substantive commitments to supporting lawyers from underrepresented backgrounds, across categories including disabilities, LGBTQ+, racial and ethnic diversity and gender. Vault also ranks the best law firms to work for by rating career development opportunities, job satisfaction and work-life balance.

How Firms Can Use Vault

Vault offers firms free and paid opportunities to engage potential recruits and demonstrate their commitment to hiring and retaining top talent in the legal industry’s next generation. Here are a few options:

  • Create a firm profile to push out messages on your culture and values
  • Participate in Vault surveys for recognition of your firm’s strengths in areas including prestige, culture, and DEI
  • Purchase ads and sponsored content including blogs, videos and podcasts to better target recruits
  • Participate in Vault’s virtual career fair, which includes chats and video meetings

Job seekers are excited that Vault has been restored to its former glory. Help your firm tap into this excitement by meeting recruits where they are — on Vault!