What Publications Do Your Prospects Read?

August 3, 2020

Where do your clients and prospects turn for trusted information on their industry? Which newsletters and trade journals do they receive? What commentary do they read?

We have been surprised to see how many attorneys struggle to answer these questions. Identifying the media diet of prospective clients produces important opportunities, such as:

Building common ground. Knowing which publications your prospects respect creates an opportunity for connection around key issues and trends — especially in the remote-networking era. You can post relevant articles on your LinkedIn profile to start a conversation, and you will be informed enough to participate in ongoing conversations you encounter in industry spaces online. While you were likely already familiar with the issues under discussion, reading an industry-specific publication’s take on them allows you to understand the specific framing these stakeholders care about.

Creating the chance to provide good counsel. Industry publications and trade journals usually provide a wealth of valuable background information on all kinds of things your prospects care about. They also occasionally publish commentary and business advice that is incomplete or misguided. As legal counsel, you can identify what may be missing from these important conversations and ensure your client receives advice that takes the full picture into account.

Identifying platform-building opportunities. Most importantly (at least from where we are sitting!), becoming familiar with the publications your clients and prospects care about will help you identify chances to write for this audience — whether through a single op-ed about a pressing issue or a regular column answering legal questions relevant to these readers. Regularly publishing high-quality thought leadership content in strategic outlets is a powerful way to build awareness of your practice and trust in your particular skill set and experience.

Reading what your prospects read is one of the most effective ways to put yourself in their shoes and tailor your service to their needs. So dig in!