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The Case Against “Imposter Syndrome”

October 25, 2021

Given that the legal industry is at least a decade behind the rest of the work world in acknowledging and attempting to address important cultural problems, I guess we should be grateful that legal publications and conferences now promote a steady stream of content designed to support women in their heroic battle against imposter syndrome. The problem is, the way this "syndrome" is framed — an individual problem that mostly women must overcome — is awfully...

What Law Firms Need to Know About Discrimination Based on Hairstyle

September 27, 2021

Beautiful. Boundless. Political. Art. Black hair in its natural state of kinks and coils is as unique as it is versatile. This uniqueness and versatility yields styles such as locs and braids. Unfortunately, they're labeled as “unprofessional hairstyles” in some workplaces. Many companies still use policies that favor a Eurocentric standard and use coded language such as "neat," "well-groomed," "polished," or “not distracting.” This language privileges certain...

Men Don’t Think There’s a Problem. And That’s a Problem

August 23, 2021

Are you a male law firm leader comparing notes with other male law firm leaders about the state of gender equity at your firm? If so, you are probably feeling pretty positive about the progress you’ve made in elevating women to more influential positions and increasing women’s access to opportunity. To be specific, 84% of men in the legal industry “believe their firm has succeeded in promoting women into positions of leadership,” and 88% of men said gender...