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Is Your Firm’s Website Accessible to All?

November 23, 2020

Many law firms responded to racial justice demonstrations this past summer with public support and a renewed commitment to improving diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. Some signaled this support by placing “Black Lives Matter” banners or updated racial justice statements on their home page. While these are welcome steps toward greater inclusion, law firms may inadvertently have undermined their message of inclusivity by placing it on a website that people with some kinds of...

Why Your Firm Needs a Style Guide for Inclusive Language

July 13, 2020

Law firms who want to speak to their audience of peers and clients in intentional, thoughtful ways use a few tools to make sure their “voice” is consistent, and one of the most important is a style guide. A style guide collects all the decisions firm leaders have made over the years about language and punctuation conventions in a single place so that anyone writing on behalf of the firm can refer to them and ensure their communication is consistent with firm “style.” Your guide may...