How to Use Videos on Your Websites and Social Channels

November 25, 2019

While the legal profession has always prized the written word, firms need to think beyond articles and white papers when it comes to marketing their services. Buyers of legal services, whether they are everyday consumers or sophisticated in-house attorneys, are drowning in a sea of content they don’t have enough time to digest. Scrolling through a well-written thought leadership article is still a great way for a prospective client to learn about an attorney’s subject-matter expertise....

Economic Incentive to Create Women-Led Litigation Teams Is an Enticing Opportunity

December 31, 2018

But only if firms can seize it.

Global Finance and Investment Management Firm Buford Capital’s recent announcement of its Equity Project, a $50 million pool of capital earmarked for financing commercial litigation and arbitration matters with a woman-led counsel team, illuminates another source of pressure on top firms to make progress on equity....

Social Currency

December 11, 2018

What it is and how you can use it to develop your business.

In October, Page 2 was fortunate to attend the Legal Marketing Association Northeast Chapter’s annual conference in Boston and hear a fabulous keynote address by Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at the Wharton School of Business and author of a bestselling book called Contagious: Why Things Catch On.

In his talk, Jonah told a story about a speakeasy in the East...

‘Marketing’ Doesn’t Have to Make You Cringe

December 6, 2018

Consider broadening your definition of this dreaded word.

Successful attorneys often tell us they never market their practice because they don’t have to: work is coming in and they are doing just fine. Why should they have to be out networking, sponsoring golf outings, and handing out business cards?

We agree that unless you derive great joy from these activities (does anyone?), you should not feel the pressure to do them. Schmoozing is just one kind of marketing, and it...

Find Your Own Way to Originate Business

September 17, 2018

You don’t have to eat steak and smoke cigars, but you’ve got to do something.

Back in the good old days (okay, let’s just call them the old days, since we can think of more than a few things about them that were anything but good), there was a place for “service partners” in law firms—the lawyers who kept their heads down, provided excellent client service, and did great work. The business coming in from the big rainmakers kept these lawyers busy. Service...